Web 2.0- A Synthetically Organic Nomenclature

I’m of the conviction that the term “Web 2.0” is inherently problematic.  There are many who maintain that the nomenclature provides a needed context for the changing nature of the web.  I would maintain it does much more to deter understanding than provide any functional enlightenment. Proponents of the term state that the nature of […]

ISTE Webinars

As part of my JHU-ISTE administration program, I am completing an internship with ISTE’s webinar department.  My task for the next couple weeks is to research potential topics for next year’s webinars.  Once we establish the topics, I will then explore potential speakers.  Sounds a bit familiar, I know. While this certainly won’t prove as […]

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009

I spent four days last week in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Constructing Modern Knowledge Institute.  As I sit here one week after returning, I’m still left to wonder how in the world I can possibly capture all that is rattling around in my mind as a direct cause of attending the institute. I’m going […]

21st Century Confusion

I don’t think I’m a fan of the whole 21st Century Literacies concept.  I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with the entire approach.  I did say “think”, so I’m still working through all this.  Let me explain. The traditional definition of the term “literacy” means to be literate.  This comes from the most current version […]

Staff Email: Feel free to use social media

School districts have found themselves in a challenging position over the past several years regarding social media. It often makes school attorneys nervous. Administration, too. The issue is trying to regulate the medium. As a district administrator, I get the challenge. We have certain responsibilities for things like eDiscovery and litigation holds. No fun for […]